What are the differences in the mattresses?

Our crib mattresses come in three versions.  Our patented Wovenaire core, found in all of our mattresses,  is made up of 90% air by volume and 10% food-grade polymer, standing by its title of woven-air.  The difference in the mattresses comes down to what type of cover and what thickness mattress is best for your family. 


Newton offers three standard crib mattresses: The Essential, Original, and Waterproof Crib Mattress. The Wovenaire core is in all Newton mattresses; however, the Essential is a slimmer profile at only 4" thick instead of the 5.5" that you find in the Original and Waterproof versions.


The covers vary in each type of mattress. The Essential Mattress has a thinner single layer of spacer material that covers the Wovenaire core. The Original, however, is made with 2-layers of thick spacer material that is quilted together to create soft pillows of air over the ultra-breathable Wovenaire core. Our Waterproof Mattress uses the same construction in the cover as our Original Mattress, adding a layer of breathable waterproof lining for toddler years on one side to help better combat bigger messes. Each type of mattress cover fully zips off, and the entire mattress is washable from cover to the core!

The Essential Crib Mattress is a bit firmer in feel, as the cover is not quilted like the Original and Waterproof. The Original and Waterproof mattresses are 2-stage mattresses: firm enough for your baby and comfortable enough to grow with them all through toddler years.




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