Can I use the Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad during infant stages?

We recommend waiting until your baby is a year old to add the Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad to your Newton, however, it doesn't mean you can't use it before the toddler years.


The best place to start is to understand the mattress components themselves. The Newton crib mattresses are made from a unique technology with the patented Wovenaire core at the heart of it all. Wovenaire is individual strands of polymer ( same material as a yogurt container) molded together, creating thousands of tiny air pockets ( think of ramen noodles!). These air pockets create unhindered airflow at the core of the mattress. We then add a breathe-thru mesh cover, allowing ultra-breathability through the cover and core for your baby. 


While our waterproof layer is a fabric material that is heat-sealed on one side to allow for a breathable, waterproof barrier (similar to that of cloth diapers), it is not completely breathe-thru. We add this layer underneath our breathe-thru mesh to provide your baby a layer of air and cushion over the waterproof lining; however, the waterproof liner slightly reduces the Wovenaire core's breathability. We encourage you to forgo the waterproof lining until your baby can easily roll on their own from back to front. This will give your baby unhindered airflow as their muscles and lungs strengthen through the first year. 


Since our breathe-thru mesh covers are water-resistant, there is no real need for waterproofing in the first year. Often spit-up and diaper leaks stay directly on the mattress covers mesh layer. It's easy to wash the cover or have a backup cover for a quick switch as needed. Adding the waterproof layer isn't really needed until your little one's accidents get bigger or during potty training stages. 




If you decide to use the waterproof lining before the first year, it is still a completely safe and breathable option. In fact, our independent tests proved that when using our Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad over a traditional waterproof crib mattress, our breathable, waterproof mattress pad reduced suffocation risk by 97%! This makes the mattress pad a great item to have at any stage while traveling or with a caregiver who may not offer a Newton mattress. 


We hope that helped you decide what Newton products are best for your little one. 




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